Metal Soul

Portrait of a young Vietnamese blacksmith

A raw glimpse into the work and mind of Sĩ Đặng, a 24-year old blacksmith from Vietnam.


Blacksmith: Sĩ Đặng

Director + DOP: Brice Godard
Writer + Producer: Annigje Jacobs

Executive producer: Bùi Quang Sang
Assistant director: Trần Nhựt Tân
Sound designer: Sebastian Lehmann (@ Banana Audio)
Music composer: Indy Laville

Colourist: Khoa Võ
Production house: TopTeam

Thanks to: Sébastian Sicot, Adrien Glandais, Paul Brenner, Baptiste Duriez,
Henk Jacobs, Tobias Oberlechner, FMR, Phú Thanh, Khue Bui,
Huy Phan, Javier Marimón and Võ Hồ Thanh Vi.

Online / TV

The video was shared via Facebook, Vimeo and Reddit (210 upvotes in cinematography).

Within a week, it was shared by leading heritage organizations, such as ICCROM and Vietnam Heritage.

In September 2018, the video – including a photo series and editorial – was featured on Chinese creativity platform Neocha.

In December 2019, The French TV station ‘Vendée TV’ acquired the footage to illustrate the profile of blacksmith Sébastien Sicot (1:12 – 1:37).


18/04/2018 – Made in Vietnam – The Boathouse, HCMC (premiere)
18/05/2018 – Made in Vietnam – Saigon Outcast, HCMC

Event video

Credits: Trần Nhựt Tân


Publiée par Trần Nhựt Tân sur Samedi 28 avril 2018

Behind the Scenes

Credits: Baptiste Duriez and FMR


Publiée par Brice Godard sur Lundi 26 novembre 2018


2018 – Asia South East-Short Film Festival: Honourable Mention