The Water Project

CSR activity of Ooredoo Myanmar in collaboration with the Red Cross


Many multinationals engage in Corporate Social Responsibility projects to ‘give back’ to society. Obviously, these projects also offer an excellent opportunity to increase brand love. .

About Ooredoo (Myanmar)
Ooredoo is an international telco headquartered in Qatar. In 2014, Ooredoo was awarded a license to operate in Myanmar, a country that had been closed for foreign telco’s for decades. Ooredoo pledged an investment of $15 billion to develop Myanmar’s telecoms sector, and promises to ‘connect Myanmar to the better future’.

But after over two years of support, many Burmese still see Ooredoo as a foreign intruder. The Muslim roots of the company don’t help to be accepted in the Buddhist country. Our challenge was to increase brand love for Ooredoo, using its existing CSR initiatives.

The Water Project

In Buddhism, donating water is a very important merit. Tradition says the donors will be blessed with longevity, strength and wisdom.

We highlight one of Ooredoo’s CSR initiatives related to water and show the life-changing effects on individual people. We chose the The Water Project, a collaboration between Ooredoo and Red Cross in rural Myanmar. This project has started and will continue to grow over the next couple of years; moreover, the positive effect on people’s life is very tangible.

The video appeared on Ooredoo’s Facebook page.

Another video we made for Ooredoo’s CSR program (together with Pact), is here.