Wildlife Street Art Bus Tour

WildAid Vietnam & Change promoting wildlife conservation

In 2019, WildAid & CHANGE Vietnam organized the first Wildlife Street Art Bus Tour. Street artist Trang Suby gathered a group of Vietnamese and Vietnam-based artists to raise awareness for wildlife conservation.

The artists, including Nguyễn Hoàng Hiệp, An Chea, Lukas Harrer, Lee Wessels and Jack Clayton, travelled by bus to eight cities that play an important role in the trade of wildlife products. In every city, they painted wildlife murals on schools, offices and public areas.

On the way, many volunteers and members of the local Youth Union joined the tour, and helped to raise awareness for wildlife conservation.

The tour was covered by Vietnam News and other local news outlets.

Our video was published on Facebook (Vietnamese version) and YouTube (Vietnamese version), reaching tens of thousands of people.

Director / DOP / camera: Brice Godard
Script: Annigje Jacobs
Design: Lisanne Hakkers
Title animation: Dy Le
Original music: Adrian Rodgers