Dawn Denim – Ethical fashion

Videos and photography for Dawn Denim

Dawn Denim is an ethical fashion brand, with their own production factory in Saigon, Vietnam. With ‘Open Factory Days’ and campaigns that focus on sustainability and craftmanship they aim to change their sector.


In 2020, Dawn Denim asked 11 Saigon-based artists to upcycle a pair of so-called ‘B-grade’ pants. These items can’t be sold in shops because of minor mistakes, such as a sewing or printing error. Many brands burn or bury them, but Dawn opted to handle them in a more sustainable way.

The artist jeans were auctioned during an Open Factory Day, where visitors could also buy other ‘misfits’ with major discounts.

Photos: Brice Godard
Model: Thuy Trang
Featured artists: Linda Mai Phung, Sofia Holt, Hey Camel, Calm City & Psyche Saigon